Board of Zoning Adjustment

The Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) is an independent, quasi-judicial body whose membership is appointed by the City Council. It is empowered to grant exceptions to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance that are in the public interest and where, due to unique conditions that may exist on a property, a literal enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance would result in unnecessary hardship or prohibit an owner from all reasonable use of the land. The BZA meets on an as-needed basis to hear appeals from property owners. To request a variance from Board of Zoning Adjustment, please use the Zoning and Land Development Application and provide the information listed in the packet.

BZA Members:

Lary Brown
E.J. Copeland
Jeanne Dunlap
Darren Gardner
Gary Krupkin
Jimmy Niemann
Precious Urenna Onyewuchi