Community Bond Advisory Committee


At its November 27th meeting, the Addison City Council discussed the possibility of a November 2019 bond program. As part of that program, Council formed a Community Bond Advisory Committee to help prioritize projects. The projects being considered impact Addison's roads, parks, and municipal buildings. Twenty-eight people were appointed to the Committee at the December 11 City Council meeting.  This group began meeting on January 30, 2019 and presented their recommendations to the City Council on June 11, 2019.  

The Committee evaluated the projects based on the following criteria and recommended five propositions to Council on June 11, 2019.


  • Improved Transportation
  • Economic Vitality/Development
  • Safety and Security
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Effective Management
  • Strategic Direction
  • Asset Management
  • Fiscal Responsibility

As part of the staff presentations, the committee was given asset management risk scores for all projects, where available, as well as Pavement Condition Index scores for the street projects that were presented.  Addison’s Master Transportation Plan was revised and the new plan adopted by the City Council in December 2016.  The 2016 plan updated the requirements for the width of streets and medians throughout Town, as well as the location and scale of the pedestrian amenities, including sidewalks and enhanced landscaping. These new requirements are currently included in the scope of the street-related bond propositions.


November 27 Council Meeting

December 11 City Council Meeting

January 30 Kick off Meeting

February 11- General Services

February 25- Infrastructure Services

March 11 – General Services, Parks, Information Technology and Development Services

April 4 – Project ranking

April 18 – Financial considerations and debt capacity

May 2 – Final review of project, finalization of project list, structure of propositions

May 9 – Draft report to Council

May 23 – Final report to Council

June 11 - Presentation to Council

Bond Advisory Committee Report

2019 Cost Estimate Report for Proposed Street Bond Projects

Project Costs and Asset Management Scores Presented by Staff

Final Projects and Propositions Recommended by Committee

Committee Members

Bruce Arfsten​ - Vice Chair
Taylor Bowen
Juli R Branson
Lary Brown 
Colleen Campbell
Mary Jo Cater
Robert L Catalani​
Nancy E. Craig
Chris DeFrancisco​
Ralph Doherty 
Kent Domingue​
Jerry Dougan​
Darren Gardner
Margie Gunther
Brooks Haley
Susan M. Halpern​
Edwin Keith
JT McPherson
Jimmy Niemann​
Liz Oliphant
Suzann Oliver
Denise Quintanilla​
Eileen Resnik​
Craig Reynolds
Jason Rivera
Virginia Wallace
Nancy Williams
Rob Wright