Council Values, Goals, and Role

City Council Group Photo

Addison's charter established the Council-Manager form of government for the Town. In a Council-Manager government, the Council serves as the legislative branch.

In Addison, the Mayor and City Council are elected to two-year terms and may serve up to three successive terms. The Council develops an overall vision for the Town, sets policy and passes ordinances. The Mayor acts as the presiding officer of the Council and represents the Town at formal functions and ceremonies. The day-to-day administrative duties are carried out by a City Manager appointed by the Council. The City Manager serves at the pleasure of the Council, similar to a CEO of a company. In a Council-Manager government, changes in the way the city operates or in personnel require cooperative action by council members, the mayor, and the City Manager.

Addison has grown from a small community to a bustling business center.  Addison's ongoing climate of success and goodwill can be attributed to the cooperative nature of its government and to a very stable and committed workforce.  Among other things, Addison is known for its low turnover and exceptional longevity of employees.