Unofficial May 1 Election Results

Mon 5/10/21
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Dallas County Election Results
During the May 1, 2021 election, Addison residents went to the polls to elect three council members. Mayor Chow was running unopposed so the Council approved a "Certification of Unopposed Mayoral Candidate" at its March 9 meeting which declared Mayor Chow elected as Mayor. Mayor Pro Tempore Lori Ward and Council Member Tom Braun were each re-elected for an additional two-year term. Council Member Ivan Hughes was not eligible to run again due to term limits. Kathryn Wheeler was elected for her first term to fill that vacancy. You can find election results on the Dallas County Elections website.
These totals are preliminary counts based on the unaudited voting results. The final, certified results will be formally canvassed at the City Council Meeting on May 11.