Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal

The Town of Addison Development Services Division is excited to announce improvements to the permitting and plan review process by introducing the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal. Permit or plan applicants can access the CSS portal from a computer, tablet or smart phone to create a new account, apply for permits, make payments online, request inspections, create new development cases, and view real-time data.

Apply Online: Applications, payments, and requests can be made through the CSS Portal HERE.

Please email for assistance

Residential Permits:

Commercial Permits:

Residential Electrical: Grounding-Bonding System


Residential Electrical: Lightening Protection Certificate of Occupancy
Residential Electrical: Other Clean and Show
Residential Electrical: Service Change/Upgrade Commercial Electrical: Addition/Alteration
Residential Electrical: Temporary Electrical Pole

Commercial Electrical: Repair

Residential Electrical: Temporary Electrical Power Release Commercial Electrical: Service
Residential Mechanical: AC Condensing Unit Replacement Commercial Electrical: T-Pole
Residential Mechanical: Duct Work Only Commercial Mechanical: Furnace Only
Residential Mechanical: Evaporator Coil Commercial Mechanical: Condenser Only
Residential Mechanical: Furnace Only

Commercial Mechanical: Evaporator Coil

Residential Mechanical: HVAC Complete System Commercial Mechanical: HVAC Complete System
Residential Mechanical: Miscellaneous Mechanical Commercial Plumbing: Gas Repair
Residential Plumbing: Backflow Valve Commercial Plumbing: Backflow Valve
Residential Plumbing: Drainage Piping   Commercial Plumbing: Plumbing Fixtures
Residential Plumbing: Gas Repair   Commercial Plumbing:  Sanitary Sewer Relay
Residential Plumbing: Plumbing Fixtures  

Commercial Plumbing: Slab Leak

Residential Plumbing: Sanitary Sewer Relay   Commercial Plumbing: Water Relay
Residential Plumbing: Slab Leak   

Residential Plumbing: Water Distribution Piping

Residential Plumbing: Water Heater   
Residential Plumbing: Water Relay/Main    
Short-Term Rental  


Learn how to use the CSS portal by viewing instructional videos and manuals.