Development Application Information

The process and requirements for development approval are unique to each city. The applications, checklists, and information below will assist you as you prepare your development submittal.

Please note that the Land and Development Application is used for all zoning requests as well as Full Civil Construction requests.

All applicable checklists must be completed and submitted with the application.


Zoning and Land Development Application

Application Form
Additional Required Documents by Project Type
Fee Schedule
2022 Review Calendar for Zoning Cases
2022 Review Calendar for Plat Cases


Zoning Checklists

Concept Plan/ Revised Concept Plan
Facade/ Building Elevations Plan
Landscape and Screening Plan
Open Space Plan
Preliminary Drainage and Utility Plan
Site Plan


Subdivision Checklists

Preliminary Plat
All Other Plats


Construction Checklists

Commercial Construction Plans
Residential Construction Plans

Erosion Control Plans


Traffic Impact Analysis

Guidelines and Application


Variance Requests

Variance Checklist