Residential Projects that Require Permits

Effective June 1st, 2020, the Town of Addison is following the 2018 editions of the International Codes and the 2017 National Electric Code, along with Addison amendments. The individual relevant sections of these codes can be found HERE.


Many types of residential projects require building permits. Above is a helpful graphic showing the types of projects that must be permitted. Other residential projects requiring a permit include pools, fences and certain retaining walls. Building Permits can be applied for at the Addison Service Center.

To schedule an inspection, email or call 972-450-2885. Be sure to include in order: the last 5 digits of the permit number, street address (including the suite number, if applicable), type of inspection, and your contact information. Any requests made prior to 8:30 am will be made the same day.


Residential Building Permit Fees

The Texas Legislature passed HB 852 on May 21, 2019, prohibiting cities in Texas from using construction valuation for determining permit fees for the following residential projects:

Single Family Dwellings and associated accessory structures of three stories or less

Bed & Breakfasts containing less than five guest rooms

Live-Work Units containing less than 10% commercial space

Townhomes or condominiums containing three stories or less with separate entrances and exits.

Miscellaneous permits associated with the above uses.

As a result, on September 10, 2019 City Council adopted a new fee schedule for all residential building permits. Click on Residential Building Fee Schedule for the fee breakdowns. 


All Forms and Applications can be found HERE.