Development Services oversees the regulation of signage in Addison in order to promote a safe and visually appealing environment.



Are you a business owner and want to set up a sign for your establishment? Click here to learn some of the most common code violations. The Town of Addison Sign Ordinance can provide additional details. In order to obtain a Sign Permit the business/tenant must already have a Certificate of Occupancy application filed with the Town.



All residential properties may display one detached, non-illuminated sign to advertise a garage sale on the premises or refer to the sale or lease of the premises. Such signs cannot exceed three square feet. Click here to view the most common residential code violations.


Applying for a Sign Permit

Please carefully review the Sign Permit Application.  Please complete the application and provide all the requested information.  The request can be emailed to or mailed to the Addison Service Center.


Sign Inspections

After obtaining a Sign Permit, when the sign is ready to be installed, please call 972-450-2885, or email, to request an inspection. To complete the request, please be prepared to provide the permit number, the address to be inspected, the specific type of inspection, and full contact information.

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