Register My Business

In January of 2012 the Town of Addison approved Ordinance 011-073, which requires all entities who occupy commercial, retail, office and industrial space to annually register with the Town and pay a $50 administrative fee.  Failure to register a business could result in penalties imposed by the Town.

The information provided in the business registration form will better enable the Town’s first responders to act during potential emergencies. Having information regarding the type of business, the number of employees, and any hazardous materials on-site will allow public safety officials to better plan for how to respond during a possible crisis. Doing so helps to ensure that first responders will have sufficient resources, manpower and training to provide local businesses with optimal levels of service. Also, providing key contact information will help with emergency communications and allow public safety officials to get in touch with business personnel in situations even after normal business hours.

The associated $50 administrative fee is assessed only to cover the costs associated with this program. The business registration is required to be renewed annually in January to ensure information is kept up to date.  Businesses can also choose to be part of our online business directory that will enhance business to business activity in Addison. Even though home-based businesses are not required to register with the Town, they may do so if they desire to be listed in the directory by following the same registration process.

Businesses located in the 75254 Dallas zip code may not realize that they are located within the Town of Addison's jurisdiction.  To determine if your business lies within Addison, please do not hesitate to contact the Addison Economic Development Department at 972-450-7076.