Start a Business in Addison

Addison TreeHouse logo

Known for it's robust entrepreneurial eco-system, Addison is the perfect place to start a business in North Texas, and it all starts with the Addison TreeHouse - a one-stop shop for individuals who want to launch an idea into a business, or for startups who need a place to work where they can collaborate with other entrepreneurs.  The Addison Economic Development & Tourism Department is housed within the Addison TreeHouse to provide additional support.

The Addison TreeHouse was launched in 2014 by the Town of Addison in collaboration with the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, the North Texas Small Business Development Center, and Baylor University's Accelerated Ventures Program.  Since its opening, the TreeHouse has launched over 100 business startups who have captured over $3 million in private investments to launch their businesses.  As a result of the community's success to support startups, Nerdwallet recognizes Addison as the #1 location in Texas to start a business and Google has recognized Addison with it's e-City Award as being the strongest online business community in Texas.