Special Events

  • Addison is excited to not only host amazing signature events, but also partner with other organizations to create more opportunities for fun in Addison. Click here for more information on how to host an event in Addison Circle Park.

  • Addison has 23 hotels within 4.4 square miles that offer special rates for Addison events. Click here for hotel accommodations.

  • Become a Vendor - Submit an application here.

    Become a Sponsor - Please contact Jasmine Lee at jlee@addisontx.gov

    Become a Volunteer – Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@addisontx.gov

  • During event hours, a lost and found is located at the Information Booth on the north side of the park near Addison Circle Drive.

    After hours please contact the Addison Police Department at pdrecords@addisontx.gov with your name, contact number, and a description of the lost item.

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Vitruvian Park

  • Vitruvian Park Events are located at 3966 Vitruvian Way.

    For specific dates and schedules visit the event website here.


  • Event parking is available at the Vitruvian Park- Bella Lane Parking Lot & Ponte Avenue Parking Lot

    Parking is strictly prohibited in Vitruvian Park Communities; Addison Apartment at the Park, Fiori, Savoye, Savoye Squared, and Vitruvian West.

    Accessible parking available on Ponte Avenue; directly in front of retailers.

  • Items ALLOWED

    Food & Beverages (including alcohol.) Glass bottles are discouraged.
    Pets & Service Animals. Must be properly leashed & not left unattended.
    Chairs & Blankets 


    Pop-up tents are PROHIBITED

  • Pets and service animals are welcome at all Vitruvian Park events. All animals must remain on a leash or harness and may not be left unattended.

  • Vitruvian Lights will be on the Friday following Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. 

    Lights are on daily from 5pm – 11pm 

  • Enter via Bella Lane –

    • Turn on Bella Lane from Vitruvian Way
    • Turn right on Access Road
    • Turn right on Ponte Avenue (at the circle)
    • Turn left on Vitruvian Way to access Marsh Lane OR turn right on Vitruvian Way to access Spring Valley Road

    Enter via Ponte Avenue –

    • Turn on Ponte Avenue from Vitruvian Way
    • Proceed around the circle
    • Turn right on Access Road
    • Turn left on Bella Lane
    • Turn left on Vitruvian Way to access Marsh Lane OR turn right on Vitruvian Way to access Spring Valley Road
  • We strive to make Vitruvian Park as ADA-Friendly as possible, but not all areas are easily accessible with a wheelchair or stroller. Please be aware that much of the park is natural terrain, with uneven surfaces and the potential for mud. Accessible restrooms are available.

    Accessible parking available available on Ponte Avenue; directly in front of retailers.

  • In the event of inclement weather, Vitruvian Park events are subject to cancellation; parking is non-refundable. Visit the Vitruvian Park website and Vitruvian Park social media for related updates.

  • For vendor opportunities, please email VitruvianPark@udr.com

  • Jessica Vetrano 
    UDR Event Coordinator


  • Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 972-450-7000 or send an email to volunteers@addisontx.gov.

  • Yes, with the exception of a few community events, such as park cleanups and group projects.

  • Not unless they have filled out the appropriate paperwork in advance and been approved by the Volunteer Coordinator.

  •  No, we are not set up to process applications for probation or court. We can, however, give you local resources that are set up for this.

  •  If we have an opportunity that fits our time frame and yours, you can count these toward school hours.

  • No, we have volunteers from many surrounding cities. We also have volunteers who work in Addison but don’t live in Addison. 

  • Most positions, other than special events/group projects, require an interview.

  • No.

  •  Yes, we do.  Groups have helped to plant butterfly gardens, spread bark mulch, clean up park trails, and plant shrubs. We work closely to assist our Parks crew with outdoor projects.

  • Yes. The Police Department operates the Addison Citizens Assisting Police Program. You can find more information and an application here.

  • We suggest business casual unless it is an outdoor event. 

  •  Contact the volunteer coordinator at slove@addisontx.gov to express interest and be placed on the email list. Volunteers are e-mailed 1-2 months before events with details of volunteer positions and the times needed. 

  • No uniform is required. However, special t-shirts are given out to volunteers who sign up for certain events such as Taste Addison, Kaboom Town! or Oktoberfest. 

  • Volunteers must be at least age 16. Adult supervision is required for volunteers aged 16 to 18.

  • Training varies based on the assignment.  Special Event volunteers are mandated to come to the pre-event meeting the first time they volunteer. Office volunteers receive instruction from department staff.

  •  The time frame will depend on the area of choice. Generally, opportunities are between the hours of 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday to coincide with the Town’s office hours.