Economic Development


The Town of Addison focuses on efforts to stimulate and grow the local economy by promoting and retaining high quality development to improve the quality of life for its citizens.  Economic incentives may be granted on a case by case basis to encourage positive development and redevelopment within the community.  Incentives may also be provided to promote employment opportunities and capital investments that will have a positive impact on the strategic economic development of the community.  The ultimate goal and public purpose of economic development programs is to protect and enhance the Town’s fiscal ability to provide high-quality municipal services for the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of its residents.

Economic Incentive Information for the Fiscal Year Ended September 2021
Number of tax abatements granted in FY21 0
Number of tax abatement agreements in effect during FY21 0
Estimated taxes abated in year one of active agreements $318,650
Estimated taxes abated in year one of active agreements per capita $19.53
Estimated taxes abated for the life of active agreements $1,752,395
Number of jobs created/retained by active agreements to date 1,576
Total capital investment received for active agreements to date $112,460,000







Details about the Town of Addison’s incentive agreements such as agreement types, recipients, and estimated value of incentives are summarized in spreadsheet format below:

Town of Addison Economic Development Incentives FY 2021

380 and 381 Contracts:


Government Reports and Guidelines for the Town of Addison: