Emergency Communications

Register for emergency alerts & more at AddisonAlert.com. If we can't reach you, we can't alert you!

Addison has instituted an Emergency Communications System - Addison Alert - that allows residents to receive emergency notifications by text, email or phone.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP for Addison Alert.

Seconds Count in an Emergency!

Addison Alert allows us to call, text or email residences in targeted areas of the Town in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action (tornado warning, missing child or evacuation notices).  

Also, as part of the Addison Alert System, you are able to request updates on Town-related non-emergency issues like changes in trash collection, special events, mosquito spraying and more.

Special Note About Caller ID: 

The following number will display when you receive an emergency notification:  972-450-1100.  We encourage all cell phone users to save these numbers in their phones for quick recognition of these important warnings at the time of delivery.

How Do I Register for Addison's Emergency Communications System?

Visit AddisonAlert.com and follow the prompts. For those who are hearing impaired, the Internet update offers a TDD ONLY option for tone delivery of emergency messages. Messages delivered to phone numbers marked TDD will only be delivered in a TDD/TTY format. Residents without Internet access may call 972-450-7156 to give their information over the phone.

This System Will Only Be Used For Emergency Purposes Unless You Opt-In to Receive Other Notifications:

Examples of times when the Emergency Communication System could be utilized: tornado warning, utility outage, evacuation notice & route, missing person, fires or floods, bomb threat, hostage situation, chemical spill or gas leak, and other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety.