Fire Prevention & Fire Marshal's Office

The Addison Fire Department strives to use the latest Fire Protection Engineering principals in the delivery of fire protection to the developmental community. Services such as plan review, environment site assessments, permit, and new/existing life safety system inspections are available to builders and developers. Members of Fire Prevention are involved in the development of national, state, and local codes and ordinances, which will ensure that fire-safe facilities are built and maintained for years to come.  Addison has one of the most progressive fire sprinkler ordinances in the country. Since 1992, with few exceptions, all new, remodeled, or moved into structures larger than 500 square feet have been fully equipped with fire sprinklers.


The Town of Addison adopted the 2018 edition of the International Fire Code with local amendments located in the Town of Addison Ordinances Chapter 38.  For a complete list of Addison Ordinances, visit Municode.


How to Submit Plans

We no longer accept paper plan submittals.  Permit or plan applicants must access the Town of Addison Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal to create a new account, apply for permits, submit plans, and make payments.  

Additional instructions and guides on how to use the CSS Portal are available here: CSS Instructions

Permit type examples are:

  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Fire Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Tent Permit
  • If other type of permit, provide description

If you have any questions please call 972-450-7221.


Please Review These Guidelines Before Requesting an Inspection

Inspections include, but are not limited to fire sprinkler, fire alarm, access control, kitchen hood suppression, fire finals, tenant finish out, above and underground storage tanks, access security gates and residential day care.  

Submit your request a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm. Inspections outside of regular business hours will include an after hours fee.

You will need to provide:

  • Permit number
  • Name and address of project
  • Fire protection contractor's company name
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Type of inspection you are requesting
  • A representative from the requesting company must be present at the time of inspection.
  • An approved set of stamped plans shall always be available on-site for the fire inspector.

Pre-Test Requirements

All fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems shall be pre-tested prior to inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office.  Failure to pre-test may be considered an automatic failed inspection.

Test Requirements and Maintenance or Repair

Fire alarm systems shall be placed on test and verified in test mode before any work or testing begins. Failure to comply will result in delays and fines due to false alarms.

To request an inspection, call 972-450-7221 or email:


Public Education

The Fire Marshal's office provides fire safety and fire extinguisher classes for employees of hotels, restaurants and other businesses in Addison; emergency plans and training for individuals serving as "Fire Wardens" in high-rise office buildings; and fire drills.  To schedule one of these services, contact the Fire Marshal's Office by email: or 972-450-7221.

For other public education needs, such as Fire Station Tours; Fire Safety Presentations; or to request an appearance from our firefighters at your school or day care, please contact our Public Education Coordinator by email at
Please understand, we will make an appearance at schools or day cares in Addison only.