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The Difference Between a Weather Watch vs. Weather Warning

Watch: A Watch is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) when conditions are favorable for the development of a hazardous weather condition.

Warning: A Warning is issued by the NWS when a hazardous condition exists and it is time to take personal protective actions for you; your family and/or business.

Again, we strongly encourage all residents and local businesses to purchase an NOAA weather radio and sign up for our Addison Alert emergency alert system in order to be notified of alerts indoors and then monitor local weather and media sources for accurate and timely information.

When a warning is issued:

  • Make sure you have your family or business disaster supply kit available.
  • Activate your family and/or business disaster plan.
  • Seek the appropriate shelter and or other protective actions if indicated.
  • Continuously monitor local weather and media sources for timely and accurate information until the danger passes the forecasted area.

For additional information on disaster preparedness contact the Addison Fire Department at 972-450-7201 or visit


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