Individual & Family Preparedness

Make a Plan

The first step is to sit down with your family to create a plan specific to the needs of you and your family. This plan can be a conversation or it can be written down. This emergency plan should include information on local hazards that may affect you, a communications plan that includes both local contacts and contacts out of the area, a shelter-in-place location in your home, and supplies to put in your emergency supply kit such as food, medicine, and other necessary items.

Practice your plan! Once the plan is formulated, the plan must be understood by everyone in the household and practiced to ensure that everyone knows what to do. A plan is only good if everyone knows how to do it in an emergency situation.  

Use the following guides and checklists to get your individual or family emergency plan started today!

Build a Kit

No matter what the emergency, you need to have food, water, and essential supplies to take with you or to use when sheltering at home. Chances are, you already have many essentials needed for your disaster kit. Gather them first; then go shopping for the rest. Once you have all your supplies, put them in a sturdy container that you can carry; a tub with a lid, a backpack, a duffle bag, etc. Keep this kit in a place where you can quickly and easily grab it. Make sure everyone knows where the kit is. 

Check your kit annually to make sure that the food has not expired and the batteries have not died. Replace these items as needed.


Stay Informed

Hazards and threats that may affect you can change so be sure to stay informed. Go over your emergency plan to ensure that you and everyone in your family remember what to do. Practice your entire plan and evaluate how it went. 

Stay current on local emergency alerts by registering for ADDISON ALERT, the mass notification system that the Town of Addison uses to communicate with residents.