What has General Services Been Up To?

June 2021
Service Center Signage update

Work on updating the Service Center monument signage wrapped up this month. Two signs on the east and south side of the building along Westgrove Drive were sanded, re-enameled, and received new lettering and design. This update is in the same design and other Town signage, including Town Hall and Finance, featuring a dark gray background, white lettering, and an eye-catching Addison blue logo prominently displayed. The new signage has already received complements from staff and visitors alike.

May 2021
2021 Fleet Additions

General Services received nine new vehicles this month, largely consisting of updated work trucks. The Parks department received two new utility ATVs with specialty herbicide sprayers attached, as well as two new Ford F350 work trucks. Three additional departments received a total of four specialty work trucks—a F350 for Streets, F250 and F150 for Public Works and F250 for Airport. The ARFF (Aircraft rescue fire fighting truck) was successfully auctioned this month. This type of apparatus has historically been difficult to resell due to its specialized nature. It sold for $50,100 to a small airport in the Fort Worth area.

April 2021
Kicking off Phase 1 of 2019 Bond projects

General Services met with consultation firm McKinstry Essention to kick off the Phase 1 of the 2019 Bond election projects. Phase 1 of the projects includes improvements largely addressing HVAC and roof concerns in facilities across the town—the two largest undertakings being the Service Center roof and Police gun range air filtration updates. The Pavilion will also receive important improvements to comply with ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

March 2021
Forklift training for town staff

The last week of March, General Services partnered with the University of Texas Arlington to host a training session for the new forklift shared by multiple departments at the Service Center. The course, conducted by UT Arlington staff, consists of both classroom and hands on training and is designed to meet the training requirements of the OSHA Standard for the operators of powered industrial trucks. The program was hosted at the Treehouse and Service Center over the course of 4 days, allowing staff to maintain safe distances while still gaining hands-on experience.

February 2021
Winter storm repair

General Services continues to work on repairs to facilities damaged during the winter weather this month. Repairs include several pipes damaged at the Athletic Club and Fire Station 2, a fire alarm detector misfiring at Fire Station 2, and work on the extensive flooding at the Stone Cottage. As a response to the unprecedented weather, General Services has expanded future winter operations preparations to include additional preventative water valve shutoffs and personnel checks of unmanned facilities. Before the storm, General Services staff ensured the Fleet shop was equipped and prepared to service crews working during the emergency, and prepped sidewalks and walkways throughout the town with non-toxic quick melt.


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Service Center Signage Update
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