Addison Social Media Notice

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By "Liking" and/or Subscribing to the Town of Addison, Texas (“Addison”) Facebook Page or any other Official Addison social media page (“Social Media Site”), you understand Addison does not regulate interactions, including comments and/or posts, and acknowledge the Town reserves the right to report potential violations of the host site’s policies, rules, and regulations (i.e. the Terms of Service (“TOS”)) to the host site, without notice. For more information, consult the host website's TOS.

Purpose of Social Media Site

The Town reserves the right to monitor its Social Media Sites to interact with citizens for informational or Town engagement purposes.

The purpose of Addison Social Media Sites is solely to promote Addison and any Addison events, information, community interest items, and the like through social media. The views and opinions expressed through user comments do not in any manner reflect the policies and/or opinions of Addison. 

By posting to any Addison Social Media Site, you agree that every time you visit the site or any other Addison internet site you will be bound by the terms of this Notice:

  1. Every post/comment you make to an Addison Social Media Site may be a public record and may be disseminated, reproduced, or copied by Addison or any other person without any further action by the poster (i.e. the person commenting, creating, or uploading to the site) or without notice by Addison of the same.  You agree you have no expectation of privacy in anything you post to an Addison Social Media Site, even if those posts/comments are deleted by the poster.
  2. Information (photos, videos, etc.) you post to official Addison department, division, board or committee pages is also subject to the TOS of the host site and may be used by the owners of the host site for their own purposes. For more information, consult the host website's TOS.
  3. The Town’s Social Media Sites are not intended for the dissemination of emergency information. Users experiencing an emergency should contact 9-1-1 or visit the Town’s website ( for additional contact information.
  4. The Town’s Social Media Sites are not intended for code enforcement concerns. To report a code enforcement matter, please contact the department or division directly by phone, email, or in person, or the Town’s code enforcement Addison FixIT application which is available for iPhones and androids and can be found on the Town’s website here.

Users may post photographs and videos to an Addison Social Media Site subject to the content meeting the standards articulated in this Notice and subject to the host website's TOS.

Questions or concerns regarding Addison’s social media activity and/or this Notice should be sent to This Notice is subject to amendment or modification at any time, without notice.


Updated 10.1.20