Council Adopts Standards of Care Ordinance for Addison Athletic Club Youth Camps

Fri 4/23/21
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At the April 13 meeting, Council held a public hearing before adopting this year's ordinance that defines standards of care for all youth programs for children ages 5 through 13 at the Addison Athletic Club.
The Texas Human Resources Code requires that each year Addison adopt an ordinance establishing minimum standards for operating youth programs which include program staff hiring guidelines, enrollment guidelines, discipline, health, safety, and more. The ordinance also addresses programming and providing activities that promote emotional, social, and mental growth.

The Addison Athletic Club not only complies with the minimum standards required in the state's ordinance, but exceeds some of the established standards. Some examples include:

  • Cleaning and sanitation.
  • Video monitoring throughout the facility and in all child care areas.
  • Day Camp Restroom Policy which requires campers to use the single-use child care restroom or upstairs single-use restrooms. This prevents campers from utilizing the locker rooms. This policy also requires campers changing into swimsuits to use the outdoor pool restroom prior to the pool being open to the general public.