Council Discusses Addison Athletic Club Transition to Normal Operations

Fri 4/16/21
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On March 2, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-34 that fully opened all businesses and ended the statewide mask mandate. While this order rescinded many previous executive orders related to the pandemic, it also stated, "nothing in this executive order precludes businesses or other establishments from requiring employees or customers to follow hygiene measures, including the wearing of a face covering." This allowed the existing COVID-19 precautions to remain in place at the Addison Athletic Club as staff developed a transition plan for moving from COVID-19 operations to normal operations. 
Parks and Recreation Director Janna Tidwell shared that transition plan with Council at its April 13 meeting. As part of a transition phase that begins on April 19, Mask Only hours will be reduced from two hours a day to one hour a day and the library will reopen. Day camps will be open this season and the outdoor pool hours will be expanded over last summer to include Monday and Sunday hours.
The plan indicated that the club will return to normal operations once herd immunity is reached. Area health officials estimate herd immunity will be reached in June or July of 2021.