Compliments and Complaints



The Addison Police Department is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its employees and citizens. Police employees are carefully selected, held to the highest standards, and provided with the best training available.  We always expect our employees to provide quality service to our community, but we would love to hear about specific examples from you!

If an officer or other Police employee has provided you with a positive experience, please let us know by contacting us in any of the ways below:



While we strive to provide excellent service, occasionally we know that employees may fall short of this standard.  We are committed to taking immediate action when our employees have proven derelict in their duties or are guilty of wrongdoing.

If you believe an officer or other Police employee has violated our policy or the law, please contact us immediately.  To file a complaint, you may:

  • Request a supervisor come to the scene of your incident.
  • Visit with a supervisor at the police station.
  • Call us at 972-450-7156.
  • Email your experience to

Depending on the circumstance, you may be asked to complete and sign a written statement as to the details of the complaint.  Texas law requires a signed, written complaint be completed prior to issuing any formal discipline to a police officer.



Click below to read our policy on Racial Profiling and Bias Reduction