Quick Ordinance References

Barking dog:

Section 10-2 states that any animal that makes an unreasonable noise for more than five consecutive minutes is a violation of the town ordinance. If you’d like to report a violation of this ordinance please call our office so we can begin the enforcement process. This consists of mailing a notice to the animal owner and the anonymous complainant so that everyone involved is aware of the law. If after 3 days the problem is still ongoing, officers may issue a citation to the owner.

Leash law:

Section 10-112 states that is illegal for any dog to be off leash in the Town of Addison, except when completely enclosed by a fence or other structure of sufficient strength to prevent the dog from escaping. Dog parks are acceptable off leash areas.


State law requires that all dogs, cats, and ferrets over four months of age must be vaccinated against rabies.

Feeding waterfowl:

Habitual feeding of waterfowl (ducks, swans, and geese) is prohibited by city ordinance. An offense is committed when a person receives three written warnings in a 60-day period. At that time, a citation is written and any further observed behavior is presumed to be habitual and may be punished with a citation for every further offense.