Kellway Lift Station Bypass Improvements

Project Type:
Capital Project
Project Status: 
Under Construction
Kellway Lift Station

The project scope consists of installing a new third pump, valving, piping, a new manhole, adjustments to the wet well, a new wall core, and appurtenances. The changes to the wet well will allow the Town to inspect, drain, and perform maintenance on the wet well. The new third pump will optimize the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the current pumping system.

Status Updates

January 3, 2022:

The contractor has begun work at Kellway Lift Station. The contractor is working on excavating for the installation of pipes.

September 27, 2021:

Construction is anticipated to begin in December. 

May 25, 2021

City Council approved a construction contract with Rey-Mar Construction.

July 24, 2020:

The Town has executed an agreement with Garver, LLC. for the design of the Kellway Liftstation Bypass Improvements Project.