Monuments / Control Points Update

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Control Monument

This project was approved by council as a part of the FY2021 budget process. Town staff recommended CobbFendley and Associates to conduct the work due to their familiarity with Addison’s standards and control monuments.

The Town of Addison had a network of 15 Control Monuments established in approximately 2007. Since that time some of the monuments approximately 5 of those monuments were destroyed through various construction activities. CobbFendley (CF) was retained by the town to update the still existing control monument information to current standards and establish new control monuments in pairs so that all monuments, both old and new, would have at least one intervisible monument to be used as a backsight reference when surveyors are using conventional survey equipment. As part of this assignment, CF prepared control data sheets with photographs and coordinates for each monument, a listing of coordinates in an excel spreadsheet format, a map, and a report detailing the findings of the survey. Construction of 22 new control monuments was completed for a total of 32 monuments in the network.

Status Updates

March 11, 2021:

Project has been completed.

October 6, 2021:

The Town has entered an agreement with CobbFendley and Associates to conduct the work associated with this project.