Oaks North Drive Drainage Improvements

Project Type:
Capital Project
Drainage Improvements
Project Status: 
Oaks North Drainage

The purpose of this project is to address possible flooding in the Oaks North area.  The Town's 2017 Storm Water Master Drainage Study showed that in the event of a 100-year flood, a flood that has a 1% probability of happening, the depth of the flood could be as high as 1.5 feet. At that depth, several residential structures could be flooded. The 2017 Storm Water Master Drainage Study ranked this project as the second priority in town.  

In order to alleviate possible flooding, 1000 linear feet of underground storm drain pipe is being installed to carry stormwater on Oaks North Drive downstream to the White Rock Creek Tributary. Included will be the installation of standard curb inlets, stormwater manholes, and related improvements. The construction will take 90 days to complete pending any unforeseen conditions.