Travel Safely

Addison's State-of-the-Art Traffic Control System allows features a companion app that allows people traveling in Town to connect their phone to a network of traffic intersections, school beacons, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians through the Travel Safely app.

The TravelSafely™ app uses cutting-edge technology to make the promise of connected vehicles a reality.  Below are a few of the features of this app.

  • At a red light, the app will display a countdown and verbally notify you when the light is about to turn green.
  • If a user speeds towards a red light, the app will alert that they are approaching the intersection too fast.
  • The app will notify you if you’re speeding in an active school zone.
  • If you’re a motorist, the app will warn you if there’s a cyclist on the road ahead or pedestrians in the crosswalk ahead if it detects you aren’t going to stop.

TravelSafely™ saves lives and improves traffic through cellular-based preemption systems to help emergency responders arrive safely and alerts motorists miles ahead of their actual arrival. The app protects cyclists and other vulnerable road users by alerting them of speeding vehicles. 

By utilizing spoken alerts, TravelSafely allows you to focus on the road and receive alerts while using your favorite mapping app. Download the app on your IPhone and Android devices today at the link below.

Download TravelSafely today to stay connected. 


Find out how the Town of Addison, Texas continues to improve the safety in their community with smart traffic control technologies powered by Applied Information. With the help of Paradigm Traffic Systems, the Town of Addison has been able to update their Fire Department's old, line-of-sight technology to a new, cellular, and GPS-based preemption system by Applied Information, allowing them to respond to calls faster and safer than before. In addition, they've increased the safety in school zones with smart school beacons, and rapid flashing beacons at crosswalks.