November 2019 Bond Election

Voting information for November 5 Bond Election

Last day to register to vote:  October 7, 2019

Early Voting:  October 21 – November 1

Election Day:  Tuesday, November 5

Photos ID is required to vote in Texas.

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Printable Voters' Information Brochure Available here.

Bond Election Background

In December 2018, the Addison City Council appointed 28 members of the community to serve on a Community Bond Advisory Committee (BAC). These Addison residents and business representatives were asked to look at the infrastructure needs of the community and make recommendations to Council.  The Committee evaluated 21 projects valued at a total of $223,000,000 over five months and presented their proposed bond propositions to the City Council on June 11, 2019.

At its August 13 Meeting, the City Council approved an ordinance calling for a $70,620,000 November Bond Election for the projects recommend by the BAC.  


Bond Proposition Summary

The $70,620,000 in proposed bond-financed improvements is divided into five propositions:




Projected Impact on Annual Tax Rate

A. East/West Roads (Keller Springs Road/Airport Parkway)



B. North/South Roads (Quorum Drive/Montfort Drive)



C. Park, Open Space, and Recreation Facilities



D. Buildings: Existing Municipal Buildings



E. Traffic Control System



Project scope, locations, and cost estimates are based on information currently available and are, therefore, subject to change on the basis of new and refined information up to the time of completion.

Note:  The tax rates shown above are based on the assumption that all five bond propositions are approved and the bonds are issued as currently projected, over a five year period from 2020-2024.  In such case, the total anticipated tax rate impact to the homeowner is currently estimated to be a potential tax increase of $0.103100 (just over 10 cents per $100 of assessed value) based on conservative interest rates and future projections of the Town’s tax base.  However, the actual tax rate impact will be determined by the timing of when the bonds are sold, the prevailing interest rates, and the Town’s property values at the time of sale.