Proposition D – Buildings

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The sale of $7,395,000 in general obligation bonds for improvements to existing municipal buildings, including roof and HVAC replacements, as well as needed repairs to address American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Improvements Needed to Address Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

Estimated Costs: $1,500,000

  • Asset Management Risk Score based on Addison’s Asset Management Plan: Yellow and Green
  • Locations:
    • Town Hall:  Parking lot modifications and Council Chamber entry
    • Conference Centre:  Pavilion ramp, Stone Cottage concrete
    • Central Fire and Fire Station 2:  Parking lot modifications, locker rooms
    • Service Center:  Front and rear parking lot modifications, locker rooms
    • Finance Building:  Parking lot modifications, entryway modifications
    • Police Building:  Locker rooms

Roof Replacements

Estimated Costs: $4,000,000

  • Asset Management Risk Score based on Addison’s Asset Management Plan: Red and Yellow
  • Replace 15- to 30-year-old roofs that have deferred maintenance issues
  • Stop damage to the interior of the buildings 
  • Replace with built-up roof membranes and Coal-Tar and white gravel
  • Replace all related roof elements: decking, flashing, joints, and coping
  • Locations:
    • Addison Circle Park Pavilion
    • Athletic Club
    • Central Fire Station
    • Fire Station #2
    • Police Building
    • Service Center
    • Surveyor Pump Station
    • Theatre Centre Lobby and Main Space                     

HVAC Replacements

Estimated Costs: $1,535,000

Police Gun Range Air Filtration System

Estimated Costs: $360,000

Project scope, locations, and cost estimates are based on information currently available and are, therefore, subject to change on the basis of new and refined information up to the time of completion.