Proposition E – Traffic Control System

traffic light icon

The sale of $600,000 in general obligation bonds for traffic control systems.

Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)

Estimated Cost: $600,000

  • Current system was installed 12 years ago and the expected life expectancy is 10 years
  • Current system equipment is no longer available and is not supported by Motorola
  • System being considered: 
    • is anticipated to reduce response time when a traffic incident, inclement weather, or other events cause congestion
    • can be managed remotely and can be configured to allow either the staff or the ATMS automatically initiate responses to congestion conditions or incidents.
    • is anticipated to reduce operation costs by utilizing Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) control, equipment monitoring, and video wall management to monitor all Town’s field devices (ATMS and none ATMS devices) from one application.
    • offers new preemption system that takes effect when an emergency vehicle is within the set radius for that intersection, allowing for traffic clear in front of the first responders
    • is anticipated to cut down critical emergency response times.

Project scope, locations, and cost estimates are based on information currently available and are, therefore, subject to change on the basis of new and refined information up to the time of completion.