Create Your Own Pub Crawl in Addison for St. Patrick’s Day

Stirr St.Patrick's Day

By Kristina Rowe

On St. Patrick’s Day, we love to celebrate all things Irish, mostly with Irish-American food and drinks. With so many restaurants in Addison, it’s easy to celebrate the holiday your way, whatever your way might happen to be. With St. Pat’s falling on Thursday, March 17, there are several options for celebrating. Expect lots of parties the weekend before and a few on the holiday itself. It won’t be surprising if the toasting continues on into the next weekend.

If you want to create your own bar crawl in honor of your favorite Irish holiday, we have ideas for one you’ll want to repeat again and again. We’ve rounded up a dozen of Addison’s favorite water holes and restaurants where you can eat, drink, and be Irish on whatever day you choose to celebrate.

Get Started at Addison Circle

With its living and office spaces plus restaurant and retail, Addison Circle is a great place to while away any day followed by nightlife worthy of keeping you awake. It’s a perfect place to start a walkable pub crawl with a couple of fantastic stops.

The Lion & Crown Pub

From its corner spot on Addison Circle (yes, this circle has corners!), The Lion & Crown Pub has an ideal view of Blueprints, the iconic sculpture that greets thousands of Addison visitors every year. Whether you’re a local who lives there or one of those many visitors, this English country pub is a great spot to start a pub crawl for St. Patrick’s Day or any day.

For starters, they offer 34 different draft beers and a great selection of scotch and whiskey. If you need nourishment, celebrate the spirit of the day with Irish stew, fish and chips, or other British favorites. You won’t need the luck of the Irish to make great food and drink choices here.

The Mucky Duck Bar

Walk around Addison Circle to the opposite end to find family-owned neighborhood pub, The Mucky Duck. Created in loving memory of the Mucky Duck bar and restaurant from long-ago-demolished Prestonwood Mall, this hangout is always the place to be for happy hour and appetizers. And if beer is what you want on your Paddy’s Day pub crawl, a stop here is a must.

El Rincon

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone and everything is Irish in spirit, so green means go when it comes to margaritas. This location of El Rincon recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and they’re ready to keep the party going. Treat yourself to some green drinks (hey, margaritas are green) or just wear your green and drink anything you like. Appetizer and dessert options here could be great companions for your favorite libations.


Visit The Village on the Parkway

The Village on the Parkway is another great spot for a walkable pub crawl, with more than 20 drinking and dining establishments to appreciate. Pick your favorite or pick several and get ready for a fun night (or day) of bar hopping and glass raising.

Yard House

If it’s beer you want in the glass you’re raising, you can’t go wrong at Yard House, where there are over 100 drafts on tap. From respectable stouts to fruity sours or IPAs, you can stick with the traditional or branch out to whatever taste profile you like. Order your favorite in a 32-ounce half-yard glass or if you’ll be sampling several beers, order a 5-ounce “Shorty,” a 12-ounce “Goblet,” or a 16-ounce Pint.

Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill

Everything you love about a traditional British pub is amplified here, especially the music. Find your favorites from the menu and settle in for an entertaining night of live music any Wednesday through Saturday. On St. Patrick’s Day, Sherlock’s will host Jukebox Heroes, DJ Gruuve, bagpipers and more for an all-day patio party you won’t want to miss.

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar

A little variety in a pub crawl is always a good thing, and if you’d like to focus your attention on whiskey for this holiday, Pie Tap is an excellent choice. Along with some pretty amazing pizza, Pie Tap offers your choice of eight bourbons, two rye whiskeys and five different Scotch blends. You’ll find local brews and popular national brands on tap too.

If you decide to celebrate a day early, or on a different schedule, you might want to make note that Wednesdays are Whiskey Wednesdays, with $2 off select whiskeys all day.

Pluckers Wing Bar

At some point in your crawl, you may be wishing you had wings, and Pluckers has tons of wings--just not the kind that will help your poor aching feet. You can still lift your spirits with a pint of whatever’s on tap. Take advantage of the weekly beer special, or if you show up on St. Patrick’s Day, grab a green beer and drink a toast to everyone who’s Irish (or Irish for the day).


If you want a deliciously scenic restaurant stop on your crawl, head for Stirr. Known for its Service Industry Nights (a night of special offers and pricing for Service Industry workers) and Wine Wednesdays, this will be the place for fun shot drinks, beer and cocktails on St. Patrick’s Day. Swing by anytime, though, for happy hours and fun food.


When you introduce Mexican food, drink and culture to a religious holiday honoring Ireland, you might just end up with an outstanding evening out. Add Vidorra to your crawl if you love an abundantly botanical vibe to the decor and think margaritas being green is “close enough” for celebrating. Tequila flights and shot platters are perfect for sharing with friends, but there are fun cocktails of all kinds and a respectable beer list as well.

Make Your Way Around Addison

With so many restaurants to choose from, you can add all kinds of flavors to a DIY pub crawl. Don’t forget these other local favorites during your St. Patrick’s Day roving.

Cantina Laredo

With a long list of margaritas and other cocktail options, Cantina Laredo is always on point for celebrations. Last year’s St. Patrick’s Day drink was the Lucky 'Rita, made from their signature frozen Casa ‘Rita and Midori melon liqueur. Cantina Laredo makes a fine stop on a beer crawl as well, especially if you hit them up for happy hour.

The Back 9

On St. Patrick’s Day, The Back 9 plans to celebrate in a big way. They’ll have a DJ in-house and drink specials all night long as well as lunch specials at their indoor and outdoor full bars. Whether you’re Irish by heritage or only in spirit, some plentiful spirits will help you mark the occasion.

The Londoner Pub

Don’t let construction make you skip this perfect place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Take Beltway instead of Midway from Belt Line Road to avoid the messy stuff, and find your way to a long-running neighborhood hangout that’s been making pub life great for more than 25 years.

Although the dates and specifics haven’t been announced yet, you can expect a multi-day celebration at The Londoner with Irish-American food and specialty cocktails like the Irish Car Bomb, the Irish Mule, and of course, Irish Coffee. Beers and whiskeys will be flowing, and you’ll be able to join the chorus of Sláinte toasts to your heart's desire.